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Health Coaching with Kevin DeSantis, MD

“Great is the Power of Steady Misrepresentation” – Charles Darwin

I believe that a Low carbohydrate/ketogenic diet is beneficial in many ways. There is mounting evidence that it can benefit people with a number of health conditions including type 1 and type 2 diabetes, neurologic disorders including epilepsy, dementia, and Parkinson’s disease as well as conditions associated with excess body fat.

The common belief that a normal diet includes a large amount of carbohydrates is wrong. The above quote by Charles Darwin illustrates how so many people are believers of bad information simply because it has been repeated so often. RocketLife Health will continue to highlight the evidence that implicates the high carbohydrate diet as a major factor in the development of many chronic disease processes. I have learned from my own experience that a diet high in carbohydrates makes type 1 diabetes more difficult to control.

My special interest is coaching you to a place where your body is no longer dependent on sugar as a primary fuel. I will show you how to become a “fat burning machine.” This is known as the state of ketosis. Once a person is able to reach this state, they burn up excess fat and lose weight. If your goal is simply weight loss, this will be the simplest, most rapid and easily visible benefit. The other internal improvements will be slower to develop and require a longer commitment.

You need me as a health coach, because I have the education and experience that allowed me to follow an evidenced-based approach to proper diet and nutrition. I have already lived this! There is so much inaccurate and confusing information about diet and nutrition that it is difficult for most people to understand without guidance.

As a physician, I know that my initial training in diet and nutrition was virtually nonexistent. This is likely true for a majority of physicians. For many years the medical establishment has operated under the assumptions that diet and nutrition are simply a matter of calories, and that people are required to eat carbohydrates. There has never been any evidence to support the notion of an essential carbohydrate.

I will help you navigate the misinformation that is so prevalent. With my coaching assistance, you will stay on course so that you can achieve the benefits of the low carbohydrate/ketogenic diet.

Remember, if you have been on a bad diet for your whole life, the consequences have taken years to appear. Likewise, the changes needed to improve this state of affairs will take time.

The good news is that our bodies have a remarkable capacity to heal. With me as your health coach our goal will be to provide the diet and nutritional requirements to enable improvement in chronic health problems.


Coaching via Skype or Telephone