Why RocketLife Health?

Kevin and I feel that the symbolism of the rocket represents our goals for our readers and clients. We want to teach them to soar; to become their best selves.

One day last year I read a story about a young girl named Brittney Maynard. She was 29 when she ended her life. She made the decision to do so because she suffered from inoperable brain cancer.  After her diagnosis, she and her husband made  bucket list, wrote bucket list ideas prior to her death. Most of which they were able to accomplish prior to her passing. Her death was very upsetting; such a young, beautiful girl whose life was too short.

Although it was wonderful that she and her husband were able to check off most of the things on the bucket list, this is usually not true for most. It takes something this life changing to propel you out of your comfort zone.


A bucket list is a list of things you want to do before you “kick the bucket.”  Well this got me thinking.

I propose that we stop putting off the things we want to see, do, and experience.  Let’s start a list today; before it’s too late! We’ll call it a “Rock-it List”!

The day that Brittney passed away, Kevin and I sat down and wrote our Rock-it List. Brittney inspired us to Rock our own lives. We have already started to check things off our list. We believe that a Rock-it List is a launching point to start to “Rock your life!” Hence our business name.

Stop postponing things that seem out of reach today, and instead, take steps to realize those goals and dreams.

Don’t wait until it’s too late to get your bucket list complete. Start today, make your own “ROCK-it list!