Kevin and Natalie

Kevin DeSantis, MD and Natalie Ruland, RN, BSN

We can teach you to rock your life

We strongly believe that many of today’s chronic health problems are directly linked to the consumption of food that is loaded with carbohydrate and low in healthy fat. This alarming trend shows no signs of stopping. Let us coach you through the tangled mess of false information that’s out there. We can help you with weight loss and other conditions you may have. We believe in a holistic, science-based approach which we will tailor to your unique needs.

Why RocketLife Health?

Kevin and Natalie believe that the symbolism of the rocket represents lofty goals set for their readers and clients. They want to teach them to soar; to become their best selves, to journey to a higher place then you are right now. They believe that too many people get stuck in their comfortable “hamster wheel” of life and fail to challenge themselves.  Natalie specializes in helping people overcome their dysfunctional relationships with food, or as she likes to say, ” I teach my clients to break-up with food.”  Kevin’s own personal experience as a Type I diabetic and ER doctor gives him the unique background in many conditions and illnesses. He can coach you to look and feel amazing!

Ketogenic Cauliflower Casserole

Ketogenic Cauliflower Casserole

Ketogenic Cauliflower Casserole Done Two Ways This revamp of a childhood comfort-food favorite is showcased two ways. First, as ketogenic cauliflower casserole minis and then as ketogenic cauliflower casserole meatballs. If you’re like me, you remember growing up with...

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